The Staff

The staff at TLC plays a vital role in helping the residents successfully reenter the community. Without their support and guidance, 37% of these women would find themselves back in the prison system. The staff works with the residents 24/7 to provide a strong foundation for these women to build on. The staff at TLC includes:  

Greg Smith

Greg Smith has been the Executive Director of Transitional Living Centers, Inc. since 1992. Greg received his Juris Doctorate Degree from the Dickinson School of Law and his Bachelor’s Degree from Dickinson College. Because he is committed to ensuring public safety, Greg has promoted the implementation of behavior modification programs to assist female offenders in changing their negative behaviors. Greg is dedicated to Community Corrections.

Doreen White

Doreen has provided 13 years of dedication in assisting the residents in the transition from confinement to self-sufficiency in the community by providing on-going employment and vocational training opportunities, as well as Life Skills and Parenting Classes to improve the reunification process with their children and family members.

  • Resident Services
  • Oversees volunteering efforts in the community
  • Facilitates Employment Group and acts as Employer liaison

Nicole Hayes

Nicole Hayes oversees Compliance and Development.

  • ACA / DOC Compliance and Development
  • Oversees compliance of the facility to ACA and DOC standards

Laura Inklovich

Manages various aspects of groups and curriculums

  • Programming and Group Facilitation
  • Oversees in-house groups and Facilitators

Shelly Sinicropi

Shelly has provided 17 years of experience as the Fiscal Manager for TLC and manages Resident Accounts. Shelly received a A.S. degree in Accounting from Williamsport School of Commerce.



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