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residentcomputerA candidate for employment at TLC must have abilities and skills in five categories: sensory, motor, cognitive, communication, and behavioral/social. Employees must be able to perform the following essential functions in an independent manner, with or without reasonable accommodation. Considerations for employees with documented disability will be given on an individual basis. Sensory: Candidates must have functional visual acuity and perception to handle corrections related media, trainings, and in-house activities. Auditory reception is required to participate in trainings and in-house activities and interpersonal exchanges with other employees, supervising staff, and residents. Tactile sensation must be functional for activities requiring direct manipulation, such as security and searching capabilities. Gross Motor and Fine Motor: Candidates must have environmental accessibility to participate in walk-through of buildings, trainings, and some community activities. Degrees of gross motor skills for running, jumping, balancing, reaching, lifting, lifting (up to 25 pounds), and bending during work hours in maintaining security of the facility and for interaction with residents. Long periods of sitting, standing, or moving are qualities of work components that are expected during participation in full time employment. Manual dexterity and strength adequate to handle a variety of corrections related media and interactive skills related to community corrections. NOTE: The above physical requirements are required to participate in the full scope of employment opportunities and practices. Limitations may require adaptations or modification in the workplace. Although these modifications/hardships may be made without major hardship or voids in the employment process, there may be more stringent requirements in selected positions. These factors will enter into the employment process on an individual basis. The following standards for cognitive, communication, and behavioral/social essential functions cannot be compromised: Cognitive: Candidates must demonstrate skills for measurement, calculations, reading charts and graphs, and scoring. Critical reasoning is needed in order to make safe judgments; evaluate relevancy of data and prioritize for critical decision making; identify need for changes in resident issues; problem solve creative solutions for specific manifestations of behavior, treatment applications, and environmental modifications; generalize theoretical principles to treatment applications; integrate and apply theory to practice (i.e., identify needs, establish goals, select appropriate interventions, and evaluate outcomes). Communication: Candidates must be able to communicate effectively in both interpersonal and group settings. They must show evidence of effective written and verbal communication skills – such as are needed to interact with other employees, supervisors, volunteers, residents’ family members, members of the public and residents – individually as well as within a group setting. Behavioral/Social: Candidates must possess the emotional health required for full utilization of their intellectual abilities, the exercise of good judgment, and the prompt completion of all employment responsibilities. The development of mature, sensitive, and effective relationships with residents and other members of the TLC team is essential. The role of the TLC employee requires flexibility, compassion, integrity, motivation, interpersonal skills, concern for others, and the ability to function in the face of uncertainties and stress inherent in community corrections practice.

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