Frequently Asked Questions

What is TLC?

A.TLC is a gender specific transitional program for female offenders. We have a broad range of programs and role playing opportunities to aid in teaching the women the skills they need to survive as a productive member of society.


Who does TLC help?

A. The Transitional Living Center helps women in prison (pre-release), women who were on parole but violated a technical provision of their parole (halfway backs), and women who have been unable to develop a reasonable home plan for parole.


How does the Community benefit from your service?

A. We require volunteer hours from the residents here at TLC. With the volunteer hours the women are able to give back to the community. To see more on how the residents at TLC help the community view the Volunteer Page of this web site.


What can others do to help this organization?

As a non-prophet organization, TLC is always looking for donations from the community. We are always in need of daily supplies for the residents. There is also a need for volunteer craftsmen as the house ages and needs repairs. To get more information on how your generous donations can help TLC or information on how you can donate to TLC please call them at 570-326-7220. Your help is greatly appreciated.


What happens to women that participate in this program?

Of the residents that go through TLC only 14% return to prison. This rate of return is under the national average (16%) for those who go through programs like TLC. Statistics also show that without programs like the Transitional Living Center 37% of all women prisoners released from prison would find their way back into the system.


Why is TLC a gender specific organization?

The Transitional Living Center found that the needs for women in the criminal justice system differed from that of the men. Most of the women coming out of the system will eventually be reuniting with their families and running a household. As a gender based organization we are able to better meet the needs of the residents. Here we teach the women the basic skills they will need in order to be successful. They have opportunities to develop better parenting skills and job skills.


How does TLC help to decrease the number of females in the system?

TLC provides support groups and role playing programs to help teach the residents the basic skills they need to survive in the community. We also give the residents an opportunity to find jobs, look for housing, and learn how to manage their money so that when they leave they are well prepared to make a new life.


What are the requirements needed to be accepted in TLC’s program?

To become a resident at TLC, a woman must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have completed at least half her minimum sentence
  • Have less than one year to serve on minimum sentence
  • Have no major misconducts (Class I)
  • Have no more than one minor misconduct (Class II) in the past nine months
  • Have the approval of the sentencing judge


How does TLC get its residents?

To become a TLC resident the woman inmate must earn a recommendation from their Prison Counselor and be referred by the Bureau of Community Corrections. The referrals are reviewed by TLC. We give preference to those candidates from North Central Pennsylvania.


How does a local community agency team up with TLC to provide a volunteer opportunity for TLC residents?

If you would like to have volunteers from TLC help out in your organization please feel free to contact TLC at570-326-7220 or fill out our volunteer/information form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


How does the staff at TLC help the residents in their transition?

The staff at TLC provides support and guidance to the residents. They are willing to listen to any problems that may come up while the residents are living there. They facilitate and lead groups that include role playing to aid the residents in their transition. The Transitional Living Center also has an open door policy for all residents who have gone through the program in the past. They are welcome to come back any time if they need help or have questions.


Does TLC have any annual events?

Once a year TLC has an Annual Lunch where they discuss the progress of the past year as well as plans for the future. There may be a guest speaker who has experience in the criminal justice system as well as personal stories of past residents who are now making a new life for themselves in the community.


If the residents have children or relatives in the area, what is TLC’s policy about seeing them?

The residents at TLC are allowed to see their children at any time and have visitors at certain times. They encourage the residents to reunite with their families and to strengthen that bond. A new room in the basement of TLC has just been completed where the women and their children may play and relax. The Transitional Living Center also grants furloughs to the women after they have completed requirements allowing them to visit their family for the weekend.


How many women can you house here at one time?

TLC has room for up to 20 residents.


What is the average stay of a resident?

On average a resident will stay at TLC anywhere from 9 months to a year.


What kind of help does TLC provide to those that have already graduated from the program?

They welcome past residents to come into the office at anytime with questions or concerns.


To you what is the best thing TCL has done for you and how?

“TLC gave me a chance to make a new life, start a new life.” resident

“TLC saved my life” resident

“TLC gave me a life” resident


What areas of programming are offered at TLC?

Programs and Services:

  • Impact of Crime
  • Anger Management
  • Job Placement
  • Basic Life Skills
  • Behavior Modification
  • Personal Finance
  • Community Work Program
  • Parenting
  • Family Responsibility
  • Probation & Parole
  • Healthy Living



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