Board of Directors and Committees

Board of Directors

Susan Evans, President, 2019
Amanda Wright, Vice President, 2020
Rev. Andrew France, Secretary, 2020
Mauricia King, Treasurer, 2020
Jeanne Kerschner, 2019
Deborah Shivetts, 2019
James Haywood, 2021
Patti Kiessling, 2021
Morton, Neely, 2021

Executive Committee

Susan Evans, President
Amanda Wright, Vice President
Rev. Andrew France, Secretary
Mauricia King, Treasurer

Human Resource Committee

Amanda Wright, Chair
Andy France
Jean Myers
Mark Thompson
Megan Page

Physical/Finance Committee:

Mauricia King, Chair
Susan Evans
Patti Kiessling
Amanda West

Program Implementation Committee

Morton Neely, Chair
Karen Martin
Troy Edwards
Christopher Ebner

Second Chance Works Board

Nicole Miller, President
Susan Evans
Roseann Pelleschi
Doreen White
Deb Shivetts

Building and Grounds

Nicole Miller, Chair
Irv Harris
Rick Robinson


James Haywood, Chair
Roseann Pelleschi
Loni Gamble
Carolyn Perry
Kiersten Burkhart
Gregory Hayes

Master Leasing Selection Panel

Nicole Miller, Chair
Doreen White
Ginny Noble
Cleveland Way
Karen Miller
Dustin Kinley
Heather Harris