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house_picTransitional Living Centers, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized under the non-profit laws of Pennsylvania and recognized as a 501(c) (3) entity by the Internal Revenue Service. TLC presently operates a contract facility for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections in Williamsport, PA. Our services are for Women Offenders who are transitioning from State Prison into the community.

Statement of the Problem of offenders re-entering Society

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has identified a need to reduce recidivism by providing effective re-entry services for offenders. The transition of offenders from prison back into their communities should be accompanied by intervention strategies which reduce the risk of harm to society and increase the opportunity for successful parole supervision.

The Principles of Effective Correctional Intervention

  • targeting criminogenic needs of offenders
  • conducting a thorough assessment of offender risk and need
  • targeting programs to high risk offenders
  • basing design and implementation of the program on a proven theoretical model
  • using a cognitive-behavioral approach
  • disrupting the delinquency (anti-social) network
  • providing intensive services
  • matching the offender’s personality and learning style with appropriate program settings and approaches
  • including a relapse prevention component
  • integrating the program with community based services
  • and reinforcing the integrity of services

Transitional Living Centers Inc. (hereinafter referred to as TLC, Inc.) operates a contract facility for women offenders coming from the State Correctional System or referred to us by the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. The TLC Program consists of two adjacent buildings: 900 W. Third St. and 309 Maynard St., in the city of Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. TLC has the capacity for 34 beds and offers a gender responsive program for women offenders only. One building (900 W 3rd St) has six-bedrooms with 18 beds and the other (309 Maynard St) has four bedrooms with 16 beds. Both homes have full kitchen and dining facilities. We are within one block of public transportation.

The buildings meet all local ordinances and are inspected annually by the Williamsport Bureau of Codes. In addition, TLC is an Accredited Adult Correctional Residential Program by the American Corrections Association.

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